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The Department of Physics supports and coordinates research activities in most areas of Physics. It also manages the Bachelor's Degree in Physics, the Master's Degree in Physical Sciences as well as a Master Course in Radioprotection. In addition the department of Physics hosts the PhD School in Physics.
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Do you want to attend a Master Degree in Physics?
Choose one of the curricula: Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum technologies, Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Theoretical Physics, Biomedical Physics or History of Physics, Physics Education and Physics Outreach
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Rules of Conduct - Teaching Activities and Exams - 2023/2024
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Stage Liceali
Stage di Fisica 2024
A 10 day long event, which takes place tight after the end of the school year. The students will familiarize the world of research, especially in physics, getting in close contact with physicists - staff members, researchers and students - in an informal and stimulating environment.
Master Radioprotezione Unipv
Radiation Protection - Second Level Master
The introduction to the Master Programme in Radiation Protection - organized in collaboration with the Physics Department - will be held on Friday 7th June 2024 in Aula Volta (main campus, via Strada Nuova 65).
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The research activity at the Department of Physics covers several branches: theoretical and experimental physics, condensed matter, nuclear and particle physics, astrophysics, applied physics, science education and history of physics. In addition there are several active collaborations with national and international research centers.
Thanks to the innovative education that combines a multidisciplinary attitude with high quality specialisation, the UniPV Department of Physics gave me the opportunity to explore new fields after my Master, until I landed at the European Central Bank.
Laura Parisi
Team Lead ECB Climate Change Centre
Laura Parisi Unipv
Thanks to the international collaborations and skills acquired during my PhD in Physics in Pavia, I could move to Canada and join a young dynamic company, strongly oriented to research and development of new technologies in the field of quantum computing.
Matteo Menotti
Quantum Photonics Researcher Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc.
Matteo Menotti Unipv
The training I received at the Department of Physics was fundamental to continuing my professional career and gave me a sound basis for pursuing my PhD abroad in a highly interdisciplinary environment.
Alessandra Lucini Paioni
EU Grant Consultant & Research Project Manager
Alessandra Lucini Paioni

Department Calendar

From the 11th to the 21st of June 2024