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Each year the University of Pavia offers several prizes aimed at supporting especially brilliant students in their studies and at individuating students who have finished their studies, standing out for their capabilities and for the ingenuity of their work on specific topics.

To all those who are enrolled in the bachelor's or in the master's degree in Physics as well as to those students who have already completed their studies, we highlight the following opportunities.

The University of Pavia fosters a master thesis prize, dedicated to the memory of Prof. Orazio Specchia, former professor of Physics of this university, of the wife, Dr. Luisa Specchia Magnani and of the father Giuseppe Specchia.

The prize amounts to 1500€, gross income and it is addressed to the best master thesis work in experimental physics, which hase been defended at the Department of Physics of the University of Pavia between the 1st of January 2020 and the 31st of December 2021. The student must have concluded the master studies in no longer than 2 years more than the duration of the master programme.


It is adressed to all those who have completed their master's degree in Physics at the University of Pavia and who have defended a master thesis on a topic related either to applied physics or to the development of detectors with electronic measure devices.

It is addressed to all those who have completed their master's degree either in Mathematics or in Physics at the University of Pavia, defending a master thesis on a topic of interest in mathematics.