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Magnetic spectroscopies in condensed matter

Magnetic Resonances Unipv

We study the mesoscopic and nanoscopic properties of matter by using local probe techniques as the nuclear magnetic resonance and the muon spin rotation, along with techniques of macroscopic character as the SQUID magnetometry. The systems under investigation range from strongly correlated electron systems, as the superconductors, low-dimensional magnets, frustrated magnets and molecular magnets, to systems of technological relevance as the molecular rotors and contrast agents for in vivo molecular imaging and theranostics.

The equipment available at the Department and at large scale facilities, where muon spin rotation experiments are performed, allows to study the phases of matter and their static and dynamical properties over a broad temperature range, from 400 mK to 1000 K, for pressures up to 25 kbar and magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla.

Principal investigator: Pietro Carretta
Group members: Francesca Brero, Alessandro Lascialfari, Manuel Mariani, Giacomo Prando