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Optical spectroscopies and scanning probe microscopies

Plasmonics Unipv

We have skills to operate in several laboratories equipped with optical spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy techniques for materials science. Materials of interest range from inorganic to organic, polymeric and hybrid materials, with different crystalline, electronic and dimensionality properties.

The research is mainly focused on:

  • The study of optical, photonic or plasmonic properties in systems based on micro- and nano-structured materials and compounds;
  • The relationship between the composition, structure and morphology of the materials and their optical and electrical response;
  • The characterization and simulation of different optical/electrical responses of materials, according to the applied treatments.

The available experimental techniques include: UV-vis-NIR Reflectance and Transmittance, FTIR Spectroscopies, Surface Plasmon Imaging, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, vis-NIR Photoluminescence, X-ray Fluorescence, Impedance Spectroscopies, Atomic Force and Scanning Microscopies. Through the collection of their results compared with each other, it is possible to guide the simulation of the response of the materials, in some cases with dedicated theoretical approaches.

Principal investigators: Franco Marabelli, Maddalena Patrini
Group members: Margherita Angelini, Francesco Floris, Giovanni Pellegrini