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  • Bruker Pharmascan US 70/16 Imager , 7 Tesla, with 16 cm bore
  • 1H Volume and surface coils for rats and mice
  • Beds for rats and mice
  • Physiological monitoring of  the breathing rate, temperature, ECG
  • 19F, 23Na, 13C  volume coils

Responsible: Pietro Carretta

  • 1 Imager 0.2 Tesla Artoscan by Esaote
  • coils for different body sectors

Responsible: Manuel Mariani

  • One non-adiabatic calorimeter for SAR measurements. Temperature range : room T – 80°C
  • Accessories for in vitro-culture cells
  • Accessories for small animals

Responsible: Alessandro Lascialfari

  • One adiabatic calorimeter
  • One relaxation calorimeter
  • Bath cryostat to work in the range 2-300K

Responsible: Marco Moscardini