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NanoRaman Horiba system allowing colocalized measurements of Raman, AFM and TERS. Raman microscopy at three laser sources (100 mW at 532 nm; 50 mW at 638 nm; 300 mW at 785 nm).

MicroRaman DILOR/Jobin Yvon H10 spectrometer equipped with Olympus microscope and motorized stage for microRaman measurements at two differerent laser lines (25 W at 632.8 nm, 100 mW at 488 nm).

LN2 and LHe microstage for low temperature Raman measurements in the range 10-300K. High pressure cell and gas-flow chamber for Raman measurements varying pressure and atmosphere.

Nanolog Fluorimeter FL3-2iHR Horiba for emission and excitation fluorescence spectra. 450W Xenon lamp as excitation light. TSPC system with laser diode at 365 nm for fluorescence lifetime measurements, time domain between 200ps and 0.1ms.

Responsible: Pietro Galinetto