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The Laboratory of Radiation Biophysics and Radiobiology performs experimental in vitro studies on the biological effects of exposures to ionizing radiation.

The RadBioPhys Lab is equipped with a sterile room for cell culturing and with a non-sterile room for sample processing. The biological techniques routinely adopted in the RadBioPhys Lab range from protein analysis (western blotting, ELISA assay, semi-quantitative and quantitative cytokines determination, spectrophotometry) to imaging (immunofluorescence, light microscopy).

  • Immunofluorescence microscope – Olympus BX51
  • Multiplate reader – GDV DV990/BV6
  • Spectrophotometer – VWR UV-3100PC
  • pHmeter – Crison Basic20
  • Analytical balance – Sartorius Mechatronics ED224S
  • Western Blotting equipment (BioRad Trans-blot Turbo; BioRad GelDoc EZ Imager)
  • Chemical Hood – LifeAire GS800
  • Flow Cytometer – Thermo Fisher Attune NxT
Sterile room equipment
Sterile lab
  • Laminar Flow Hood – Aquaria BioActiva 120 Plus
  • Cell culture Incubator – Heal Force HF 240
  • Inverted microscope – Olympus IX51
  • Cooled Centrifuge – Thermo Scientific CL31R
  • Waterbath – Memmert WNB series

The Flow Cytometry Facility of the RadBioPhys Lab is equipped with a Thermo Fisher Attune NxT Acoustic Flow Cytometer (AFC).

Technical characteristics of our Attune NxT AFC are:

  • Blue laser (488nm, 50mW)  with FSC, SSC and 4 channels (530/30nm, 574/26nm, 695/40nm, 780/60nm);
  • Violet laser (405nm, 50mW) with 4 channels (440/50nm, 512/25nm, 603/48nm, 710/50nm).
  • Sample Rate: 12.5 – 1000µl/min; Data acquisition up to 35000 events/second
  • Acquisition and analysis through Attune NxT software 2.6.

RadBioPhys Lab routinely performs cellular analysis (DNA content, Cell death assay, Proliferation Assay) and immunophenotype assays (from 2 to 8 colors analysis).

Responsible: Giorgio Baiocco

For more information and specific collaboration requests:  o +39 0382 987644