The Laboratory features:

  • A Ti:sapphire ultrafast (35 fs) regenerative amplifier that employs a patented cryogenically-cooled amplifier technology with tunable average pulse energy: > 3 mJ at 5 kHz, > 2 mJ at 10 kHz, > 0.6 mJ at 20 kHz.
  • A tabletop EUV/soft X-ray beamline from High-Harmonic Generation that we use for time-resolved microscopy and nanometrology, starting from diffraction patterns to obtain images through iterative algorithms (mainly based on Ptychography Coherent Diffractive Imaging).
  • A time-resolved electron diffraction beamline, where we also develop new methods of image reconstruction and speckle detection from compact sources with partial spatial coherence.

Responsible: Giulia Fulvia Mancini