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Spectroscopy for Materials Laboratory

The core facilities of the Spectroscopy for Materials (S4M) Laboratory are:

  • X-ray fluorimeter Elio Bruker.
  • Automated system for electro-mechanical testing of materials.
  • Dielectric fixtures for electrical bulk/surface conduction Tektronik and impedance characterization Keysight, 4-point probe Ossila.
  • Spin coater Brewer Science and Plasma treatment cell Colibr√¨ Gambetti.
  • Spectrofluorimeter Nanolog FL3-2iHR Horiba for emission and excitation spectroscopy. Sources: 450W Xenon lamp and 365 nm laser diode with TSPC system with (200 ps - 0.1 ms).
  • Scanning probe microscope Xplora Nano Horiba (combined to Raman spectrometer for colocalized and TERS measurements).

Responsible: Maddalena Patrini