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Quantum Information

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We use the knowledge developed in the last decades in the context of quantum information and computation theory to tackle fundamental questions in physics and quantum computation. Our research touches foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, quantum statistical mechanics, quantum information theory and computation.

Our current main research topics are:

  1. What are the distinctive features of quantum theory: operational postulates for quantum theory and their consequences.
  2. The general framework of theories that are alternative to quantum and classical theory: operational probabilistic theories.
  3. Cellular automata in operational probabilistic theories: general theory and structural properties.
  4. Quantum cellular automata for the quantum reconstruction of spacetime and field theories.
  5. Quantum computations with indefinite causal structure and quantum functional programming.

Principal Investigators: Giacomo M. D’Ariano, Paolo Perinotti

Members of the Group: A. Bisio, Giacomo M. D’Ariano, M. Erba, M. Lugli, Paolo Perinotti, A. Tosini, L. Vaglini