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Geometry of Spacetime

Figura Carfora

The research activities of our group are mainly directed to General Relativity, Quantum gravity, Ricci flow and Renormalization group flow, Relativistic cosmology, Gauge theories, and in general to the use of methods of geometric analysis in theoretical physics. These methods play a fundamental role in modern physics, with applications ranging from the in-depth analysis of the nature of fundamental interactions to solid-state physics to quantum computing. The group has numerous international collaborations, and over the years has produced hundreds of research papers in these fields, three Springer Lecture Notes in Physics, and a General Relativity introductory textbook. We are also engaged in an intense outreach activity. A few examples are afforded by  the documentary film broadcasted by Raiscuola: Caccia ai numeri primi, not to mention the rich collection of Youtube lectures and written essays on many themes dealing with the dialogue between the two cultures accessible on the ScienzaNuova  website , a multicultural academy scientifically directed by Mauro Carfora and by the philosophers Ivo De Gennaro (Free University of Bozen) and Gino Zaccaria (Bocconi University).

Contact: Mauro Carfora

Members of the Group: Mauro Carfora, Francesca Familiari e Annalisa Marzuoli.