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History of Physics

Storia della Fisica

The research activity addresses the development of physics in the wider scientific and cultural frameworks of the time. Investigations on 18th-century science, among which the numerous contributions by Alessandro Volta, provide insight on the complex competition between the natural philosophies of Descartes, Leibniz, and Newton. Different perspectives on nature – mechanistic, electromagnetic, thermodynamic, energetistic – provide the context for 19th-century physics. Various 20th-century developments are also considered. Specific research focuses in addition on the evolution of physics at the University of Pavia.

One further research area addresses the role which the history of science, in combination with modern technologies, can play in the contexts of education, both formal and non-formal, and of science communication. Such investigations are also aimed at the valorization and public fruition of collections belonging to the Pavia University History Museum and the Physics Museum, both part of the Athenaeum Museum System.

Theses: Lucio Fregonese
Group Members: Lucio Fregonese, Lidia Falomo, Ester Bernardi