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Physics Education

Didattica della Fisica

Research in physics education generally aims at achieving better understanding of the cognitive processes involved in the learning of physics, and pursues the development of strategies, methods, and tools to improve the quality of physics teaching.

Current research themes include the study of theoretical aspects of learning processes (e.g. models of conceptual change) and of the disentanglement of reciprocal connections between typical constructs in science education such as engagement, science identity and science capital; the identification of learning difficulties and of productive/non-productive reasoning patterns; the design and experimentations of active learning paths and science communication activities aimed at fostering critical thinking; the investigation of the causes underlying the persistent gender unbalance in the number of university physics students, and the development of strategies for a stronger inclusion of girls in STEM disciplines; the peculiarities of teaching/learning in the case of teacher formation. Some of the activities concern the development and testing of history-based teaching approaches, so a strong synergy exists with the line of research in history of physics.

Contact for Theses: Massimiliano Malgieri - Lidia Falomo 

Members of the Group: Massimiliano Malgieri, Lidia Falomo, Giacomo Zuccarini, Ester Bernardi