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Computational radiobiology

Chordoma treatment plan

The activity of the Computational Radiobiology group is focused on the development and application of biophysical models and Monte Carlo codes that simulate the action of ionizing radiation in biological targets. The main activities are the following:

  • Study of the formation mechanisms of chromosomal aberrations and cell death
  • Calculation of biological effectiveness of charged-particle beams used in cancer hadrontherapy, in order to maximize the elimination of tumour cells and to minimize the induction of healthy tissue damage
  • Simulation of the induction of cell death and chromosomal damage following astronauts’ exposure to space radiation

The group research activity is carried out in collaboration with different national and international institutions including CNAO (National Centre for Oncological Hadrontherapy, Pavia), HIT ((Heidelberg Ion-beam Therapy centre) and National Cancer Institute of Milan, and is supported by INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics).

Local responsible: Francesca Ballarini

Group members: Francesca Ballarini, Mario Carante, Elio Giroletti, Ricardo Ramos