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Biophysics and biosensing


In this multidisciplinary research area, widely developed in our University, we study some aspects across biophysics and nanotechnologies, including:

a) development of optical biosensors based on nanostructured substrates, as for instance metals (Ag, Au), with photonic lattices and organic nano-pillars able to bind biological molecules then revealed through optical signals. Collaboration with the EU Joint Research Center in Ispra (VA). As part of this activity, the Department works in synergy with the company PLASMORE s.r.l. - academic spin-off recognized by the University of Pavia which participates in various European projects.

b) study of the SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) response of functionalized gold and/or silver self-assembled monolayers grafted to glass substrates interesting for antibacterial tools and for early detection of cancer cells.

c) study and characterization of organic/inorganic matrices for the development of biocompatible microstructures, pharmacological matrices, functionalizable surfaces, nanostructured carriers.

d) Modeling and machine learning for the design and analysis of sensing and photonic nanostructures

Local Responsible: Franco Marabelli

Group Members: Francesco Floris, Pietro Galinetto, Maddalena Patrini, Giovanni Pellegrini