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Medical Radionuclides

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The goal of the research is to identify the most efficient ways to produce radionuclides to be used as innovative radiopharmaceuticals. To this purpose, we mainly consider proton beams, e.g. the ones provided by the SPES cyclotron (LARAMED project) and by the medical cyclotrons installed in many Italian hospitals. The activity is focused on the production of radionuclides suitable for imaging (SPECT and/or PET) and/or therapy (thanks to the emission of α, β- and Auger), including 67Cu, 47Sc, 52gMn, 117mSn and 149Tb, 152Tb, 155Tb e 161Tb.

The group is involved in different INFN projects (PASTA, METRICS, REMIX) on the following research activities:

  • Calculation of unexplored cross sections and support to experiments;
  • Comparison between measurements and results from nuclear reaction modeling;
  • Dosimetric calculations on specific radiopharmaceuticals, including contaminant isotopes, with the aim of identifying the optimal irradiation parameters for the production of the radionuclides of interest.


Local Responsible: Andrea Fontana

Contact for theses: Mario Carante

Group members: F. Barbaro, M. Carante, A. Colombi, A. Fontana