Radiation biophysics and Radiobiology

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The Radiation biophysics and Radiobiology group (RadBioPhys) carries on theoretical and experimental research on ionizing radiation-induced mechanisms and effects on biological structures: from physical interactions (radiation transport and tracks, with Monte Carlo simulations) to biological damage at the sub-cellular (e.g. DNA damage and repair) and cellular (e.g. single-cell effects and cell-communication) scales, with model developments and experimental in vitro measurements, up to the study of effects at the tissue/organ level (e.g. cancer and non-cancer effects), with a multiscale approach that sees radiation as a perturbing agent of a complex biological system.

Applications span from the clinical use of radiation for diagnostics and therapy (optimization, including the risk of complications and secondary tumours) to radiation protection (in particular for low doses and manned missions in deep space as the one to Mars). For more information click here.

Local responsible: Giorgio Baiocco 

Group Members: Giorgio Baiocco, Isabella Guardamagna, Alice Mentana, Leonardo Lonati