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Esperimento MAMBO

The MAMBO experiment carries out an accurate study of the reactions induced by high energy photons at the research laboratories MAMI (Mainz) and ELSA (Bonn) accelerator facilities as part of an international collaboration of about eighty physicists coming from different European and North American institutions.

Its main aim is the study of the internal structure of protons and neutrons through a wide range of experiments dedicated to the detailed study of the QCD in the non-perturbative regime. For this research, the latest technological developments available for the production of intense beams of polarized monochromatic photons are exploited, combined with nucleon targets having a high degree of polarization and a large acceptance detection apparatus.

The MAMBO Group in Pavia is particularly active both in data analysis and in the development and maintenance of vertex detectors installed both in Mainz and in Bonn.

Team Leader: Paolo Pedroni
Contact for theses: Paolo Pedroni
Group members: S. Costanza, P.Montagna, P.Pedroni