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R&D for muon collider
Ricerca e sviluppo per collisionatore di muoni

The Muon Collider is an international project for a future accelerator experiment. The basic idea is to exploit μ+μ collisions for discoveries and precision measurements at high energies, the realization of which requires overcoming technological challenges with extensive theoretical and experimental studies. The group's activities include:

  • Analysis: development of muon reconstruction algorithms, studies of physics beyond the standard model (dark matter, supersymmetry)
  • Detectors: simulations, research and development of new gas detectors for the muon system
  • Theoretical studies: Higgs couplings, signals and background at the Muon Collider

Insights into the potential for exploring the frontier of particle physics and the design of a Muon Collider are available at the following links: Nature, CERN Courier, Il Nuovo Saggiatore.

Local coordinator: Cristina Riccardi
Contact for theses: Cristina Riccardi, Mauro Chiesa

Group Members: C. Aimè, S. Calzaferri, M. Chiesa, D. Fiorina, F. Piccinini, C. Riccardi,  P. Salvini, I. Vai, N. Valle, P. Vitulo