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R&D for future colliders
Attività test beam per futuri collisionatori circolari

RD_FCC is an INFN experiment that collects physics studies and detector developments for the next generation of e+e, particle accelerators, such FCC-ee at CERN and CEPC in China. In this framework, the wide Italian collaboration has proposed an experiment called IDEA, of which one of the distinctive detectors is an innovative dual readout calorimeter, under study by an international collaboration, among which the Pavia group is rated as the world experts. The correlated HiDRa project is devoted to the development of this calorimetric technique.

The RD_FCC Pavia group works on different activities:

  • Dual-readout calorimetry: research and development of the detector, building and test of prototypes
  • Simulation: Geant4-based simulation of both the prototypes and the IDEA calorimeter.
  • Analysis:
    • testbeam data 
    • physics studies on simulated data
  • Theoretical studies: development of Monte Carlo event generators for theoretical studies as support for precision measurements, both in the Standard Model and its possible extensions.

      Local coordinator: Alessandro Braghieri
      Contact for theses: Andrea Negri
      Group Members: A. Braghieri, C. Carloni Calame,  R. Ferrari, G. Gaudio, A. Negri, A. Pareti, L. Pezzotti, F. Piccinini, G.Polesello, N. Valle