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Esperimento MEG

Among the many proposed extensions of the SM, some predict that the charged leptons decay violating the leptonic quantum number, a phenomenon known as Lepton Flavor Violation (LFV).  The experiment Muon Electron Gamma (MEG) studies experimentally the muon decay in electron and photon, that would be a sure sign of physics beyond SM.

MEG is a international collaboration at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Schweiz. The first phase of the experiment improved the existing limit of a factor 20. The second phase is ongoing with the goal of improving the limit of an additional factor of 10.

  • Development of the readout for the detector measuring the positron timing
  • Analysis and simulation software

    Team Leader: Paolo Walter Cattaneo
    Contacts for theses: Paolo Walter Cattaneo, Gianluigi Boca
    Group members: G. Boca, P. W. Cattaneo, A. De Bari, M. Rossella