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The neutron time-of-flight facility at CERN

N_TOF (Neutron Time Of Flight) is a pulsed neutron source coupled to a 200 m flight channel, installed at CERN to study neutron-nucleon interactions for kinetic energies from a few meV to several GeV.

The neutron energy in the experimental stations EAR1 and EAR2 is determined by time-of-flight, while in the NEAR Station, close to the spallation target and characterized by a more intense flux, the neutron activation technique is used.

The study of neutron-induced reactions is of great importance in a wide variety of research fields, ranging from stellar nucleosynthesis, symmetry breaking effects in compound nuclei, and the study of nuclear level density, to applications of nuclear technology such as radioactive waste transmutation and nuclear fuel cycle investigations. The research activity is carried out mainly at CERN and partly at LENA in Pavia.

Team Leader: Saverio Altieri
Group members: S. Altieri, A. De Bari, V. Pascali, N. Protti, F. Zelaschi